Electronics Book Gigapack 1 (1,075 titles)

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This torrent contains 1,075 books, all English language, all PDF format, all scanned by others.
I merely collected them over the course of 10+ years, then verified the ISBNs, titles, edition numbers, and author surnames for each book, and then removed all the duplicates, saving the best version of each.
Comments left on my torrents are very much appreciated, as they give me extra motivation to continue my efforts.
I will be releasing book and magazine packs grouped by subject (mostly related to computer science and mathematics) on a daily basis for the next couple months.
View my other releases here:
If this torrent stalls during the initial seeding, it is probably because of my flaky wifi connection. Be patient and I will reconnect when I notice the connection has dropped.
I am planning to release another gigantic Electronics torrent, probably within a week or so.
I might also mention what a pain in the ass it is to assemble such a torrent, because there's an endless list of title keywords that would qualify any given book as belonging in this torrent. Consequently I've probably missed a bunch...


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